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Private Placement Programs

Current Programs:

Small Cap Trades $50K t0 $30M


1. Small Cap 4 X 30* Banking Day Program – With Insurance Wrap

$50 Thousand to $15M. We have investors entering the program for the second and third time.

* 4X is the gross income. The net profit on this is 204% in 30 banking days after fees and use of investment capital. 3 times will actually be returned to the investor, but the investment capital is used for the trade.

2. Small Cap $350 Thousand Investment – 30 Banking Days.

One Stop Shop Leased Instrument Funding WITH INSURANCE WRAP PROGRAM

3. $385 Thousand Monetiztion Program – 30 Banking Days. Returns $125 Million in 30 bank days. PROJECT FUNDING WITH INSURANCE WRAP PROGRAM

You must have a project. Re-starts in early January 2012. You may submit your applications now.

5. 30-Day Short Program. 10X payout (net to applicant).
CASH ONLY – 100M USD Minimum/5B max tranche investment.

Multiple tranches running at same time if applicant has funds.
Pays daily, weekly or at end of program.
HSBC UK/HK and Barclays UK accounts only.
Internal blocking.
90 day hold (this is really a 90 program, with the profits being paid in advance over 30 days).
No project requirement
Applicant is direct to trader
Basic compliance

  • CIS

6. $500M to 1.5B Investment Amount – 1 year bullet. $500M pays 100M a week net for one year. 1.5B pays 250M a week for one year. Funds must be in a top tier bank. No Project. Block with Swift (type depends on the bank and the individual trade – to be determined)

The Swift and related costs are fully paid for by the trade platform. The platform has strong banking ties with all of the top banks and they will arrange for Swifiting on behalf of the client. The client need only sign contract and the trade platform will do everything else. To apply we need CIS, POF, History of Funds, 2nd form of ID (drivers license or utility bill in applicants name), Passport. This program will fill quickly – don’t delay! First come first served.


7. NEW! Alternative Asset Trade – We can now take In-Ground and Above Ground Assets into a PPP trade. This includes Mines, Gems, Historical Bonds, Art and Precious Metals. Additionally the trade program will provide an insurance wrap on you assets. It is the insurance wrap on your assets that is used for the trade.

8. NEW! The CMO Non-Recourse Loan Program

Working with Collateralized Mortgage Obligations
Including SBAs!

We have had numerous inquiries from clients with CMOs looking for the best way to leverage those into a productive business activity.

We are very pleased to present those clients and other clients with ‘SBA’ collateralized securities with the following…

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